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Fort Carson housing & 2023 BAH rates are here! Find off-post homes near Fort Carson Colorado with Home-Mapper™.

2023 Fort Carson BAH rates are increasing and we’re in a great market for home buyers. So, Fort Carson homes are now very affordable to military families.

If you’re planning on riding into Fort Carson Colorado and want off-post housing for your family, just e-mail Mike Lowell. He’ll do the scouting for you.

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About Mike Lowell

Mike Lowell - Fort Carson Realtor Mike Lowell is a Colorado licensed Realtor®. He’s also an experienced, Home Buyer’s Specialist and real estate agent for Keller Williams Realty. He has 23 years of active duty military experience — he thinks the way you do. In retirement, he enjoys working with military home buyers from For Carso to ensure they find the best homes and mortgage rates available. Mike is a member of the National Association of Realtors, Colorado Association of Realtors and Pikes Peak Association of Realtors.

Mike is different. Unlike some real estate agents, he focuses his attention on working for home buyers. This means his attention is dedicated to getting buyers the best deal for their money. You won’t find his “listings” here. Why? Because there is a harmful potential for a conflict of interest. Mike knows that some agents try to strongly influence a buyer to purchase a home that’s for sale by one of their other clients who is already trying to sell a home. Mike avoids this potential conflict of interest. He wants to find a home that fits your needs, regardless of who the seller is. He recommends if you’re buying a home, avoid this potential conflict of interest. Use a trusted Realtor® like Mike who doesn’t accept listings or represent home sellers.

After retirement, this is Mike Lowell on assignment at Camp Stone, AfghanistanAfter military retirement, Mike spent 7 years in Afghanistan

Mike is different in other ways, too. His experience leads him to take a balanced approach. Part of Mike’s job is to provide you with advice about what is and isn’t a good deal. He’ll advise you about what’s good and not so good with each house that may interest you. Some real estate agents simply want to make a quick sale. With Mike, it’s just as likely he’ll tell you the good news as the not-so-good news. In this way, you’re in control and will make an informed choice—you’ll own a house after you feel you’ve made the right decision.

Speaking of good news, as your Buyer’s Agent, Mike doesn’t charge you for his services. His services are paid for by the seller. If you’re looking for an experienced and trusted Realtor® who’ll guide you through the process of buying a home for free, call Mike Lowell @ (719) 260-8463!