Gift Code Frequently Asked Questions

Buying any home is an expensive process.

So, I’d like to make a simple offer:  I’ll give up to $250 to any active duty military member who uses me as their Buyer’s Agent.  It’s that simple!

1. Q.  Mike, why are you giving away so much money?
    A.  There are several good reasons.  1.) It’s good for business.  2.) I’ve been in your shoes before.  While in the military, I was also interested in purchasing an off-base house and eventually spent too much money doing so.  While getting through the process, I learned there are two general costs associated with buying a home.  Of course, the big cost is the purchase price (usually covered by the lender).  The other cost is usually negotiated into the purchase price or paid as out-of-pocket expenses.  The out-of-pocket expenses are called “closing costs” and can be about 3-5%, or more, of the purchase price.  My gift simply reduces your out-of-pocket or closing costs by up to $250.  3.) After spending 23 years in the military, it’s my way of saying thank you for your service.  Simply put, I know the difference that more cash in your pocket can make, especially while you’re PCSing.

2. Q.  Must I have a Gift Code to receive $250?
    A.  Yes.  If you don’t have a Gift Code, there’s an easy way to get one.  Just go to “Get a Gift Code” and I’ll send you a Gift Code after you have filled out the form.  Simple!

3. Q.  What do I do with the Gift Code I already have?
    A.  Just go to the top of the page and enter your code where it says "Enter Your Gift Code."

4. Q.  What does the Gift Code do?
    A.  Your Gift Code does two things.  1.) It’s my promise that you’ll receive up to $250.  2.)  The Gift Code allows me to keep track of who gets the gift. 

5. Q.  How do I receive your gift?
    A.  You’ll receive up to $250 when you purchase a home.  I contribute up to $250 directly to your closing costs.  This will reduce your out-of-pocket expenses required to purchase a home.  This is how you’ll save $250.  The process is very simple and designed to minimize your expenses.

6. Q.  What can I do with the money I save?
    A.  The choice (and money) are yours to do as you like.  You may spend the money you save on bills, food, appliances, furniture, etc.

7. Q.  If I have received a Gift Card, do I need to keep it?
    A.  No.  Once you’ve entered it at the top of the page where it says "Enter Your Gift Code", that’s all you need to do.

8. Q.  If I have a Gift Code, and I’m not going to buy a home in Colorado Springs , can I give the Gift Code to someone else?
    A.  Yes.  A Gift Code, well, makes a great gift!  The other person just needs to use me as their Buyer’s Agent.

9. Q.  After I enter the Gift Code at the top of the page at "Enter Your Gift Code," can I give the Gift Code to someone else?
    A.  No.  If you want someone else to receive my gift of $250 after you’ve entered the Gift Code, just have the other person follow FAQ #2 so they can get their own Gift Code.  This is just another way to pass on the gift to a friend. 

10. Q.  Does the Gift Code expire?
      A.  No. However, I reserve the right to withhold the gift from those folks who are not eligible. I may also withhold or deny my gift to those who may be trying to use it improperly, or if unlikely circumstances develop to make it improper to offer it.

11. Q.  How many Gift Codes can I use?
      A.  One.  Each time you purchase a house you’ll be eligible for another Gift Code if I’m your Buyer’s Agent.  They can’t be added or accumulated for a single purchase.  This means that a Gift Code can be used once.

12. Q.  Who’s eligible?
      A.  Every active duty member of the military buying a home in Colorado that uses me as their Buyer’s Agent.

13. Q.  What should I do if I have more questions?
      A.  Contact me.  Let me know what’s on your mind.